About the Boarding Department

Drumglass House is home to the lively and thriving Boarding Department of Victoria College.

Boarding has been an integral part of Victoria College since it was founded and it continues to adapt to keep up with the changing needs of our boarders and the 21st century.

Girls aged 9 to 18 are welcomed into a warm and nurturing environment in which they feel safe and supported, allowing them to achieve their best from an excellent education system whilst making secure, lasting friendships with their peers.

The international atmosphere of the house is one of its best assets. The opportunity to live and work amongst students from other countries develops a sense of community and an appreciation of those from other cultures.

Living so close to school means girls have the opportunity to be involved in as many extra-curricular activities as they can fit into their schedule. 

The academic record of the boarders is outstanding, with all our Year 14 pupils obtaining the grades needed to attend their university of first choice. 

The care, welfare and happiness of our girls is the main focus of the staff led by Mrs Sharon Burns, Head of Boarding. Two Matrons and several Boarding Mistresses are always available to help with homework and offer guidance and support.